Requested by @BWN_7
Thanks for the timely ('on-brand' as the kids say: time travel! baseball!) list request @BWN_7
  1. Backstory: I loved to play baseball as a kid.
  2. I played six years of organized Little League baseball ages 9-14, and I played on my high school freshman team as a 15 year old.
  3. I also played thousands and thousands of hours of Whiffleball, tennis-ball baseball, pitch-and-catch, hotbox/pickle, over-the-line, softball and sandlot baseball games with my neighborhood friends in yards, driveways, streets, school yards and parks.
    (Am I the exception that disproves Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule for success?)(Random related memory I don't want to relive: I broke both my arms in a pick-up softball game as a high school senior)
  4. Despite my love of the game (you can see where this is going) I wasn't very good. In hindsight, calling me average would be generous.
  5. At the time, of course, I thought I was pretty good.
    But: I always played second base because I had a weak arm. I was a good contact hitter but had no power so I always hit at the bottom of the lineup. I am kind of socially awkward/introverted/nerdy so the team stuff with all the alpha jocks was hard for me.
  6. [A representative example of ineptitude, a digression most of you can skip to get to the memory I would like to relive, which I promise is starting at next bullet point:
    In high school, I was the backup utility infielder. When our star shortstop missed a doubleheader once to play in a hockey tourney, our normal second baseman moved to short and I got my big break to start at second and bat lead-off (I could run). I promptly struck out three times, dropped an easy pop-up, muffed a relay throw and didn't play the second game. I retired soon after to focus on cross country, hurdles and high jump.]
  7. But this one time....
    (Cue memory music: )
  8. In Little League... back in the dusty recesses of time....
  9. ... Back to 1972, when Nixon was still president, and Willie Mays still played centerfield.
  10. Here's me posing in my Yankees uniform for a photo in 1972.
    (I made my own baseball card with this photo 😀)
  11. This would've been my third year playing baseball, so I still had my childhood career dream: Playing second base for the San Francisco Giants!
  12. I was 11 years old. It's the middle of the season, the middle of the game.
  13. I was batting. The bases were loaded. The pitcher delivered a waist-high fastball.
    (We were 11-year olds, so not that fast...)
  14. I swung my wood bat and made perfect contact. Boom! A blast!
    [I'm so old my first years in Little League pre-dated aluminum bats]
  15. The ball rocketed high and deep towards centerfield.
  16. I started running. The guys on base started running.
  17. The ball went sailing over the centerfielder's head. I ran!
  18. The ball kept going! The centerfielder ran out of room! As I ran I saw the centerfielder run up to the four-foot centerfield fence and watch the ball fly out of the park. It disappeared into the dry creek bed beyond.
  19. A home run!
    I hit a home run!
  20. An actual honest-to-gosh bases loaded over-the-fence grand slam home run!
    A rare feat indeed!
  21. My first-ever over the fence home run!
    Total luck: perfect swing on a fast pitch.
  22. Mayhem! Cheering! Sprinting around third to be greeted at the plate by the whole team.
  23. I would like to relive this.
  24. I would like to relive this memory because, while I didn't know it at the time, it turned out my one-and-only over the fence home run.
    I thought it would be the first of dozens! Hundreds! But no.
  25. I would never hit another home run ball over the fence in an organized game again.
    (Sure, I had a couple singles-and-three-throwing-errors run the bases and score in same play hits.... But that's not the same.)
  26. I would like to relive that home run.
  27. That would be a fun thing to do, once, again.
  28. Run the bases in slow motion. Soaking it all in.
    Making a more permanent memory of my home run when my childhood dreams were still intact and alive.
  29. Yes. That would be fun.