Being on time for a tidal wave.
  1. Finding a parking spot
    I have parking karma.
  2. Scrabble
  3. Mowing the lawn
    Artistic patterns yo.
  4. Falling asleep
    (But only after 10 at night; no napping or early bedtimes.)
  5. Dreaming
    (But only daydreaming; no sleeping dreams that I remember.)
  6. Shoveling the snow
    Quickly, efficiently, cheerfully.
  7. Quick reflexes
    When I drop things I normally catch them again before they hit the ground.
  8. Tech support for old people
    I don't necessarily like it, but I am good at it
  9. Naming all the US Presidents in order
    Forwards or backwards; knowing presidential trivia.
  10. Loyalty
    Double-edged sword of goodness.
  11. Being present
    Living in the moment since 1984.
  12. Patience
    I have patience out the wazoo.
  13. Tolerance
  14. Empathy
  15. Being strong for those who can't be.
    Dad stuff. Emotional Intelligence.