Are the young people up no good? Consult this list by Meredith Wilson. Are they:
  1. Listening to Ragtime?
  2. Rebuckling knickerbockers below the knee?
  3. Wearing pinch-back suits?
  4. Covering breath with Sen-Sen?
  5. Reading dime novels hidden in corn cribs?
  6. Using words like 'swell'?
  7. Or words like 'so's your old man'?
  8. Drinking medicinal wine from a tea spoon?
  9. Beer from a bottle?
  10. Gambling on a race where they sit down right on the horse?
  11. Frittering away noon time?
  12. Frittering away supper time?
  13. Frittering away chore time?
  14. Not pulling dandelions?
  15. Not patching screen doors?
  16. Not pounding beefsteak?
  17. Showing signs of an idle brain?
  18. Memorizing jokes from Captain Billy's Whiz Bang?
  19. Most of all: Is there the presence of a pool table?