The characters of one of my favorite shows when it ran in the early '90s, ranked by how much I'd like to befriend and hang out with them, countdown style!
  1. 20.
    'Rick' Pederson
    Slime ball.
  2. 19.
    Sergeant Barbara Semanski
    Little too much by-the-book for me.
  3. 18.
    Maurice Minnifield
    I'd love to buy him a couple of beers at The Brick ONCE and get all his NASA stories out of him but otherwise not friend material (for me).
  4. 17.
    Dr Joel Fleischman
  5. 16.
    Would likely be my friend IRL.
  6. 15.
    Dave the Cook
  7. 14.
    Hypochondriacs annoy me, but I am kind of attracted to her.
  8. 13.
    Holling Vincouer
    Probably tells great stories but ...
  9. 12.
  10. 11.
    Leonard Quinhaga
    Seems like he'd be the right guy to go to for advice on any topic.
  11. 10.
  12. 9.
    Ruth-Ann Miller
    Old ladies love me.
  13. 8.
    "The Bubble Man"
    Mike Monroe
  14. 7.
    Bernard Stevens
    Seems like a great guy to hang out with.
  15. 6.
    Shelly Tambo
    Half annoying and half hilarious. Would be leery of her ex hockey boyfriends and Holling thinking I was making a move on her. I am not making a move. I have no moves.
  16. 5.
    Maggie O'Connell
    Would try to be her boyfriend until I learn of the fate of many of her ex-boyfriends, then I'd like to try to make her laugh and just enjoy her company.
  17. 4.
    Marilyn Whirlwind
    We'd sit quietly, her knitting, me writing poems.
  18. 3.
    Chris Stevens
    The man the myth the legend: Chris in the Morning!
  19. 2.
    Ed Chigliak
    My favorite young filmmaker. I'd offer to be his producer. He'll realize he doesn't need me.
  20. 1.
    The Flying Man
    Enrico Bellati was only in town for two episodes, but I like him a lot.