File under memories.
  1. Yoda and Pooh
    My spiritual advisors.
  2. Wilson
    A copy, of course, made for a video 16 years ago.
  3. Dad's Trophy
    1940 Men's Doubles Championship, Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The one time he won the (very small town) city tennis title.
  4. Window of Opportunity
    For some 20 years I worked in an often windowless corporate cubicle, so my wife made me a window of opportunity to dream upon. I often joked it was painted shut. Then one day it opened.
  5. Jabba the Hut
    Made in Sculpey clay by my then kindergarten aged son for a stop motion film he made. It has since hardened up.
  6. Totoro
    Handmade by my daughter. Love.
  7. Ducky Bank
    One of the first things I was ever given as a child. I've never been fondly attached to it (who gives a 4 year old a duck bank, Mom?) or have used it much or even given it much thought, but there it still is on my bookshelf.
  8. Evolve Legged Fish
    Another subtle reminder from my cubicle dwelling years, handmade by my lovely and talented wife.
  9. Pa's Fiddle
    A reminder of when we saw the real thing at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead museum in DeSmet, South Dakota. (Fun fact that may be only interesting to me: My mom's distant relatives also homesteaded in DeSmet and likely knew Charles Ingalls when he was there in 1880s).
  10. Surfin Bird
    A well everybody's heard about the bird. The bird is the word.
  11. Circuit Boards
    Two most recently acquired circuit boards for future use in art projects.
  12. Old Denver Comic Con Passes
    So much fun. Looking forward to 2016!
  13. Candlestick
    Made by my grandfather in the 1920s.
  14. Golden Idol
    Made by my son for his first live action film (age 11)
  15. A model of our house
    Made by my daughter for the opening credits of one of my son's Christmas specials.
  16. Electronic football games
    My original, still working Mattel Football I game from Christmas 1977 (?) and an updated version from Santa in 2015.
  17. Ceramic Dinosaurs
    Made by my son, my daughter and my wife (when she was a child).
  18. A Giant's Thumb
    From the set of one of my son's gaming-related music parody videos.
  19. Castle Ruins
    Another film prop, made for a special effect, from styrofoam, paint and one Sonic drink cup.
  20. A raven, three dancing skeletons and a Grover Cleveland line drawing
  21. My motto