Requested by jessica


Thanks for the req @jesszaffino
  1. Playing music with my son and daughter.
    Actual photo from my backyard last summer (my kids are two closest to the camera with their boy/girlfriends). We mostly play bluegrass together although sometimes they break out the tubas and accordions.
  2. Sitting in the back row of a darkened movie theater sharing a popcorn with my best friend watching the previews before the film
  3. Sitting in the sunshine bleachers at Coors Field at an August weekday day game with a cold beer and the Rockies already eliminated from the playoffs.
    Or in good seats at twilight!
  4. Riding my bike on the back roads of Boulder County
  5. Seeing bike races in person
    Or getting up super early to find pirate TV feeds on the Internet of euro one-day classic races like Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Milano-San Remo, etc etc etc
  6. Road races too!
  7. Waiting for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.
  8. Nachos!
  9. Burritos!
  10. Tacos!
  11. Walking the dogs
  12. Westley Spinone
  13. Russell Spinone
    He can be a bit doofy
  14. Hiking in the Colorado Rockies to ...
  15. ... Mountaintops, or ...
  16. ...Lakes, or ...
  17. ... Waterfalls ...
  18. ... With my son...
  19. ... Or just to see flowers.
  20. Road trips around the American West.
  21. Writing a poem
  22. Making a painting
  23. Seeing the sunset.
  24. Holding hands with my wonderful wife.