I've been listening to the 'Alexander Hamilton' soundtrack (On an actual CD! See list title!) for weeks now. Another Mini List History™💤. Thoughts:
  1. On Adams, John
    'Good luck!'
  2. On Burr, Aaron
    Poor dumb Aaron Burr. He is the guy I most relate to because he's always not taking a side. I've spent 25+ years in corporate America navigating our bland office politics by staying pleasant and not firmly taking sides as the winds of change and leadership blow. Burr's advice is spot on. (It doesn't mean I like this part of me, just that I totally recognize it in my life and in Burr) He also most closely resembles (in this fictional telling) a modern politician. I do want to know more about him.
  3. On dueling
    Fascinating. I love the way the duels are told and framed and repeated in this story and how they frame the central story arc. Also:!heartbreaking.
  4. On genius
    Lin-Manuel Miranda. 'Alexander Hamilton' is an amazing breathtaking creative daring epic and fun piece of work. Pure genius on so many levels: concept, storytelling, lyric writing, music, performance and history.
  5. On Hamilton, Alexander
    What a guy. What a story.
  6. On hip-hop
    Aside from Flight of the Conchords' 'Hiphopopotomus vs Rhymenosceros' and Weird Al's 'White and Nerdy' and a lot of pop radio, this is probably my first in-depth exposure to hip-hop and I love it! This feels like a gateway drug for me. The rhymes, the music, the beat, the passion, I want to hear more. What else can I listen to (that isn't mean/rude/offensive to women)?
  7. On history
    I wish the creator of Alexander Hamilton could time travel and create amazing musical histories for the entire textbook of American History (and science and maths and literature and everything else). 'Alexander Hamilton' is such a perfect mix of history and entertainment that I want to learn everything this way.
  8. On immigrants
    "We get the job done."
  9. On Jefferson, Thomas
    TJ has always been my favorite founding father and I stand by him. But I love having this other rival's view of him as a weed smoking Francophone elitist. And his entrance still cracks me up. And the rap battles!
  10. On life advice, part 1
    Talk less. Smile more.
  11. On life advice, part 2
    Stay young, scrappy and hungry and you will go far. Very far.
  12. On love, part 1
    Angelica's explanation of love and how/why she selflessly (and for the economics of the day wisely) introduces Alexander Hamilton to her sister Eliza is simply beautiful and heart bending. So perfectly written and sung. (Bonus thought: I would love to see how they handle what seems to be a flashback rewind part of the song on stage.)
  13. On love, part 2
    "Looking for a mind at work." Men of ListApp: Be a mind at work. Women of ListApp: Be a mind at work. And a sense of humor goes a very long way, too.
  14. On 'love,' part 3
    "Reliable with the laaaaadies!"
  15. On mentors
    "It must be nice to have Washington on your side."
  16. On narrative structure
    The more I listen to it the more I hear and the more I am impressed and entertained as an audience of one. The structure of the storytelling is fantastic. The pacing between various subplots and the foreshadowing and narrative drive is so tight. And there's so much plot and information and emotion and anger crammed into the songs as the story unfolds to its inevitable conclusion, it's a joy every time I push play and start to sing along.
  17. On politics
    You need to be in the room where it happens. Being in the room includes voting. And being informed. And it includes voting for people you trust to do what's right for people like yourself in as open and transparent a way as possible.
  18. On pride
    Pride goes before a fall. Beware of hubris too. Stay humble America and just keep inventing stuff and working hard to perfect representative democratic capitalism. It's not a perfect system and we all don't always get our way; but it is the best system on this small blue planet. See, this show makes me think these patriotic things I normally don't think. I like thinking it, too.
  19. On punctuation
    A comma in the middle of a sentence can change the meaning, and make Angelica ponder on the various possibilities for weeks. Same goes for us here in real life.
  20. On rap battles
    I love love love the rap battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. So much info and humor and history so fast. I only know Epic Rap Battles of History from YouTube but the rapping on this soundtrack makes me want to hear more more more.
  21. On Schuyler, Peggy
    It still cracks me up when the sisters introduce themselves, the first two so musically over four syllables each (An-gel-ic-caaa, Eee-li-ah-za) and then the abrupt clunk of 'and Peggy.' I'm really curious how it's staged or what her personality is supposed to be like. Hard to tell in her brief soundtrack appearances.
  22. On talking about art
    I so much want to talk about this show but there's really no one else left in my life who I haven't already talked far too much about it with. Plus: none of us have even seen it and likely won't and only I have even listened to it more than once, so it's hard to even really have a formed opinion, much less a well-informed opinion or an engaging conversation. So. So there's that.
  23. On tragedy
    I think: "Alexander Hamilton" is an American tragedy and Alexander Hamilton is a tragic figure. Even though we know what is going to happen from the first monologue, and there is deep sadness along the way, the music is so perfect and enjoyable and the show is so well done we can enjoy it over and over and over. That's all I'm going to say about that.
  24. On Washington, George
    I've read a lot about him and the fact that most of our treasured childhood stories about him are totally made up is no big deal when you remember the single greatest thing he did for our country and which is beautifully described in song: resign as president and teach us Americans how to have peaceful transitions in leadership. Remember this fact in this election year: We are Americans first, and GOP or Dems second. Thank George for that.