There's only 3 Americans starting the 2017 Le Tour, and they all ride for the same team: Cannondale-Drapac. Ride Argyle!
  1. Andrew Talansky
    NYC born, Florida-raised, and now living in Napa and Spain, 'Pit Bull' is likely our best hope for a Top 20 finish (he's finished as high as 10th and 11th in previous tours). He's been in good form this year, but of course Le Tour is a different beast.
  2. Taylor Phinney
    Boulder, Colo, native, three-time Olympian and the son of cycling champions (Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter), Taylor gets his first career TdF start. He's my favorite American in this year's race, a sleeper pick to win the very short first stage Prologue Time Trial on Saturday.
  3. Nathan Brown
    Nate was born and raised in Colorado, but now lives in Austin, Texas. Also a first-time TdF racer, he's been a pro for about seven years.
  4. (Fanboy pic from 2014 when I met Taylor watching the same race I was watching a few months after his broken leg 😀)
  5. Taylor Phinney got into the stage 2 breakaway and claimed the two short "mountain" points so he'll get to wear the iconic polka dot jersey tomorrow!
    Polka Dots! (First American to wear the climbers jersey since Tejay VG in 2011). Hey @fats! Yay!
  6. And Nate Brown has made it into the break in Stage 3, and started to claim 'mountain' points! USA!
    Nate picked up enough points to earn the polka dot jersey for Stage 4. First time ever two Americans have worn it in the same year.
  7. Nate Brown will finish the tour today in 43rd place, 1 hour, 57 minutes and 52 seconds behind the winner, Chris Froome.
    Nate was riding his first Tour.
  8. Andrew Talansky will finish in 49th place, 2 hours, 3 minutes and 27 seconds behind.
  9. The dude Taylor Phinney will ride his bike into Paris in 161st place (of 167 who finished the race) at 4 hours, 18 minutes and 15 seconds behind the leader.
    He may have led the Americans in being most quotable, however.