I spent the past week driving some 1500+ miles around Wyoming, with four days in Yellowstone National Park.
  1. Static
  2. Static
    The first building we saw in Wyoming. Cliche.
  3. Static
    A lot of this.
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  5. Static
    An entire building made of dinosaur fossils at Como Bluff.
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    A lot of these. Note: I'm happy they finally found a way to monetize one of Wyoming's most plentiful resources.
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    Wind River canyon near Thermopolis.
  8. Static
    Boots for sale.
  9. Static
    Sign on a closed sporting goods store in Cody.
  10. Static
    ... and an explanation.
  11. Static
    The restaurant at Cody's historic Irma Hotel.
  12. Static
    My pal Grover Cleveland memorabilia on the wall at a breakfast place in Cody.
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  14. Static
    Buffalo Bill Reservoir
  15. Static
    Shoshone Canyon.
  16. Static
    Yellowstone Lake
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  18. Static
  19. Static
  20. Static
    At the brink of Lower Yellowstone Falls.
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    Yellowstone River
  22. Static
    Another view
  23. Static
  24. Static
  25. Static
    Roosevelt Arch at North Entrance to YNP.
  26. Static
    Halfway there!
  27. Static
    Does anyone else see the face in profile in this steam geyser?
  28. Static
    Gardiner River
  29. Static
    Gibbon River
  30. Static
    Undine Falls on Lava Creek
  31. Static
    Gardiner River.
  32. Static
    This old time cash register at Chico Hot Springs (technically not Wyoming as it was in Pray, Montana).
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  34. Static
    A hail storm in Yellowstone.
  35. Static
    Lodgepole pine forests.
  36. Static
    Recent wildfires.
  37. Static
    The famous antler arch in Jackson's town square.
  38. Static
    Along the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park.
  39. Static
    Donald Trump Chia, as seen on TV in Pinedale.
  40. Static
    Still visible wagon ruts from the well used Lander Cutoff on the Oregon Trail south of Pinedale.
  41. Static
    Abandoned gas station near Rawlins.
  42. Static
    Last thing we saw from Wyoming as we headed home.