Play ball! These are the five best looking Major League Baseball caps. Plus one near miss and one retired cap to which we grant 'honorable mentions.' The rest are too busy, too bright or too ugly. Happy Opening Day!
  1. San Francisco Giants
    The orange. The black. That lumpy lettering. Essentially unchanged since '58. Perfection.
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates
    Yellow and black. That nifty lettering again. Except for those unfortunate 'old-timey' stripey hats of the '70s, basically the same for nearly 70 years.
  3. Colorado Rockies
    Purple, touch of silver, and black. Expansion team classic. (The main logo is amateurish, the mascot is an embarrassment and the team is awful — I'm a fan, I admit it — but the stadium and the cap are winners.)
  4. San Diego Padres
    A cheap copy of the Giants... but still compelling. I liked the yellow and brown caps of the '70s and '80s better. They may return in 2016, at least on Fridays.
  5. Minnesota Twins
    Twin Cities. Interlocking letters. Clean and strong. (But that third color almost pushes them off the list.)
  6. Honorable Mention: Washington Nationals
    I like that kind of abstract cursive W with a hidden e for Expos (at least to my eye). But no to the red. Put it on a navy hat and I might wear it.
  7. Honorable Mention, Retired: 1978-1993 Milwaukee Brewers
    The M and the B in the shape of a glove with a ball in it. Clever and yet a simple, clean cap.
  8. The rest: Booooooo!
    Have a great baseball season everyone!