Inspired by @BWN_7, @kate81 and @kaitlynvella @HisDudeness I play winners.
  1. Team Name: Boom Boom 🔴
  2. Aubrey Plaza
    Quick, athletic and the right attitude. Puts the 'dodge' in dodgeball. Boom.
  3. Chris Evans
    The muscle will pound your front line all day. Even Dr Ruth. BOOM.
  4. Kate Beckinsdale
    Fast and super-athletic, you'll never find her on the court crawling around and jumping up and down. Boom.
  5. Will Arnett
    Giphy downsized medium
    The distraction. You'll be staring at his magic and jokes and get the ball upside your head from Chris's cannon. Boom?
  6. Anna Kendrick
    She has the moves to dodge balls all day long, dancing around your weak-ass throws and the delivering kill shots from the corner. BOOM and BOOM