Spoiler: Mostly reading material. Inspired by Marie Kondo.
  1. My bedside table this morning.
    Time to clean up and inventory.
  2. What is in this pile?
  3. Five books I've already read and haven't put away.
    Loved the new Sarah Vowell book (but I love all her work), really liked the stories of the Persepolis books, liked the idea of but not the final execution of the Dead Presidents book, and gave up on Deford's overwrought retelling before Casey struck out.
  4. Four books I'm currently reading.
    Yes, part way into/through all of them and (more-or-less) actively reading. The Philip K Dick book is short stories; I'm almost finished. I've just started the Jim Butcher. I love Snow Crash and am re-reading to see if it holds up after 25 years. I'm slow-reading the Vikings history between other books, a chapter or two at a time. My ancestors.
  5. Four books I keep expecting to start reading.
    But haven't. Some have been on deck for a couple of years now...that's probably a sign, right?
  6. Three books about art
    I'm attempting to make paintings this year: one is for inspiration; one for motivation/prompts; one for technical knowledge about color.
  7. Thirteen magazines and three greeting cards
    Recent cards I've received, an issue of EW, and a dozen 2016 issues of The New Yorker, which I used to read thoroughly but now only skim because ListApp: I read and comment on lists instead of reading The New Yorker.
  8. Five maps
    For dreaming and planning my next hiking adventures in the Front Range mountains of Colorado. And my back-stretching yoga poses cheat sheet.
  9. Effluvia
    A losing ticket to the $1.4 billion-with-a-b PowerBall from a few months ago, a ticket to see Deadpool, a movie theater gift card with $7.44 of credit, a Denver Post Colorado Rockies preview section, and a receipt for concert tickets to see Paper Route and MuteMath a few weeks ago.
  10. Hardware #wesanderson
    A plastic cup with coins and paper clips, three broken magnifying reader glasses (awaiting fixing), my iPhone box, a (now) empty bottle of CokeZero, a flashlight, my old flip phone (last used 2015), my duct tape wallet (made 14 years ago by my daughter) but still in daily use, a pen, my keys, my alien, a large cowbell (used at bike races and, in the highly unlikely event of home invasion, personal defense), and three US Treasury Bills (1x$20, 2x$1).
  11. Now, post Kondoization, ready for a few more months of living.
  12. Joy!