The following six-step process to unmake a freshly made bed is provided by one of my dogs, Russell Spinone
  1. Burrow
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    Step 1: Once the top sheet is placed and tucked, burrow under it to begin the six-step process to unmake the bed.
  2. Assess Progress
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    Step 2: To ensure cooperation from assistants, pause to peek out and assess progress.
  3. Untuck The Corners
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    Step 3: Arch your back, swirl and spin -- and then repeat -- to better untuck the corners.
  4. Stagger Blindly
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    Step 4: Stagger blindly in circles for a few moments to better tangle the sheets and loosen the edges.
  5. Smear Your Face
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    Step 5: Pause to wipe your face on the clean sheets.
  6. Victory!
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    Step 6: Enjoy the sheet nest you've made.