I've never shared these names with anyone. Let's see what this looks like.
  1. Suzanne Pleshette 1974
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    I don't really want to know what 12 year old me was thinking. So let's say her smile and her sense of humor.
  2. Mary Tyler Moore 1975
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    Discovered Laura Petrie in reruns. Those dancer's leggings! That laugh!
  3. Dorothy Hamill 1976
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    Skater legs and that hair. Gold medal!
  4. 1976-1984 No Celebrity Crushes
    High school and university years. All crushes from afar but in real life.
  5. Ally Sheedy 1985
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    Age appropriate! Short Circuit! St Elmo's Fire! Then years later: surprise: Psyche! Those eyes! That grin!
  6. Robin Wright 1987
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    Stupid Sean Penn
  7. Cybill Shepherd 1988
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    Moonlighting era. Far too glam and curvaceous for me so let's say she was an aspirational crush during delusional years.
  8. Bridget Fonda 1992
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    Wow. That face! And then she went and found Danny Elfman?! OK.
  9. Emma Thompson 1993
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    Here we go. A writer! A producer! An actress! A comedian! That smile!
  10. Emma Thompson 1998
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    So talented. So smart. And yes lovely too.
  11. Emma Thompson 2005
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    Yes, still.
  12. Robin Wright 2013
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    Love the new 'do Robin. So long Sean! And: Those glasses. Oh my.
  13. Fred Armisen 2014
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    We pause for a man-crush: His sense of humor. His musical abilities. His whole career. I suppose his forearms, too? He always makes me laugh. I just find him attractive and appealing. I'll watch anything he is in. Maybe he belongs on my Mantourage instead?
  14. Emma Thompson today
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    😍 (Is this correct emoji usage?)
  15. Emma Thompson tomorrow and forever
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