1. Driving to my first appointment of the day, two hours ago.
  2. A young woman — mid 20s perhaps, shortish dark hair — in a small silver Scion is in the left lane, going about the same sped as me, trapping me in the right lane.
    I'm almost late and trying to get into the left lane as she speeds up and slows down. I speed up and then slow down.
  3. 🙄
    A 2% driver frustration moment (cmon! I'm already almost late!) as I can't get over and I give in and hit the brakes to let her pass so I can switch lanes.
  4. I follow her into the left turn lane.
    She has one of those family stickers in the lower left corner of her rear window. In her case, it's the silhouettes of the original Ghostbusters gang. I smile.
  5. A homeless guy is on the median island, sitting on his possessions, holding a small cardboard sign with a handwritten message:
  6. "ANYthing helps."
    He has scruffy clothes and a sweatshirt hoodie pulled over his head. It's getting colder here. Face is set, downcast.
  7. I look away.
    Cynical hard shell intact. These guys are everywhere.
  8. Then.
  9. 🍎
  10. I see a red apple poke out of the driver's window ahead of me. She's holding it out.
    Probably her lunch, I think.
  11. The lump in my throat is instantaneous. Tears fill my eyes.
    I involuntarily put my hand to my chest.
  12. 🍎
  13. She waves it a bit to get his attention.
    I try to blink away the tears. My day is already totally different. I'm a changed man.
  14. He sees the red apple.
    It catches the morning sunshine and is a radiant beacon of hope.
  15. He nods, and gets up.
    I watch.
  16. She bravely reaches out further when he gets close.
  17. He ducks his face as he says thanks and takes the red apple from her.
  18. She rolls up the window.
    He sits down, pocketing the apple.
  19. The light changes and we drive off.
  20. Thank you red apple woman.
  21. 🍎
    Knowledge is power.