Live-listing an early season National League West San Francisco Giants-Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field in Denver. Sunny. 75 degrees.
  1. Static
  2. Static
  3. The thrill of the grass.
    First view walking in
  4. Static
    Waterfall beyond center field.
  5. Static
    The view from the top of the Rockpile, the cheap bleachers beyond centerfield.
  6. Buster Posey
    Warming up before the game.
  7. Matt Cain
    Tossing to Posey to warm up in the bullpen.
  8. Matt Cain
    Giants starting pitcher.
  9. Jorge De La Rosa
    Rockies starter warming up.
  10. Static
    Getting ready.
  11. Static
    View from right field corner.
  12. Static
    Hats for sale.
  13. Static
    Main concourse.
  14. Static
    The Rockies sluggers on the line-up board.
  15. Downtown Denver
    The corner of 20th and Blake streets on LoDo, site of Coors Field.
  16. Purple Row
    The purple row of seats in the upper deck designates 5,280 feet above sea level — a mile high.
  17. Static
    The view from high above home plate.
  18. Static
  19. Columbine
    These masonry flowers are all over the stadium. The state flower.
  20. Static
    The view from behind third base.
  21. Top of 1st
    Jorge pitches to Buster Posey in top of first. Posey strikes out.
  22. Bottom of 1st
    Matt Cain pitches to Rockies rookie sensation Trevor Story.
  23. Static
  24. Static
  25. Static
    Angel Pagan patrols left field for Giants.
  26. Static
  27. Static
  28. Static
  29. Top of 4th
    Giants take lead 1-0. The out-of-town scoreboard in right field.
  30. Bottom 5th
    Rox down 1-0 going to bottom of the fifth. Rally. Bases loaded for Arenado, above. He doubles scoring two to make it 5-1 Rockies. Reynolds, the next batter, also doubled to make it 7-1 Rockies. After a walk, the next guy singled to drive in two more. 9-1. 😀 Sorry @supercommonname
  31. Top 7th
    Gerardo Parra chased down a double as Giants score twice to chase De La Rosa. 7-3 Rockies...
  32. Seventh Inning Stretch
    Giants scored again so it's 7-4 heading to bottom of the 7th.
  33. Static
    A fan of Rockies killer Hunter Pence. Moments later Belt hit a two-run homer to make it 9-6 Rox. Bullpen! . @supercommonname
  34. Bottom of 8th
    D J LeMahieu reaches on a fielder choice...
  35. CarGo!
    ... And scored when Carlos Gonzales doubles home two insurance runs in bottom of the 8th. 11-6 Rockies. Will the bullpen hold in the 9th? 50/50.
  36. Rockies win 11-6!
    Bullpen survives, barely. Bye Coors Field! Until next time!