I'm not a car guy. Cars are simply transportation to me. And considering I've been driving since 1978... this seems like a short list even though it is every car I've owned. Another Mini List History™💤
  1. 1964 VW Bug
    Drove it from '78 to '84. Was faded blue and I repainted it white. Seen here snow camping in Yosemite around 1982. Drove it up and down the west coast many times in high school and college.
  2. 1972 VW Microbus
    Drove it from '84 to '87. Mine was orange. Can't find a photo. Bummed.
  3. 1984 Mazda B2000
    Drove it from '87 to '90. Seen here behind me and Shadow dog somewhere in west-central Utah while moving to Colorado.
  4. 1985 Toyota Corolla
    Drove it from '90 to '98. Seen here with bikes in southern Colorado.
  5. Gratuitous second photo of 'Burt' with the bikes.
    It makes me happy.
  6. 1992 Dodge Caravan
    Children! Drove it from '92 to 2005. Seen here in Dinosaur Natl Mon with bikes with child seats.
  7. Second gratuitous Caravan photo
    Yes: dorky dadmobile. But: look at all that camping gear storage space! And two kids!
  8. 1998 Toyota Sienna
    Drove it from '98 to 2006. Seen here on road-trip in Arizona.
  9. 2005 Honda Element
    Seen here in Montana (with bikes!). Drove it from 2005 until 2008, when it was ....
  10. .... totaled by a tornado.
  11. 2008 Honda Civic
    I replaced the Element with a Civic, but my daughter pretty much has it now.
  12. 2006 Toyota Highlander
    AKA the Dotmobile. The Mrs' car mostly and we still drive it, 168,000 miles and counting but thinking of a Subaru next. Seen here in southern Utah last summer.