Requested by @solena
I had to give this one some proper thought. Thanks (and good morning) @solena. (I added the 'so far' as I hope to learn more stuff in my next/last 25 years on this small blue orb.)
  1. Be kind
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kindness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and other people, particularly our friends and family, and all children, and those people at coffee shops and grocery stores and driving who are clearly having a worse day than we are having. This includes being kind most of all to yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself people; in fact: be kind to yourself.
  2. Smell the flowers (aka live in the moment)
    Time flies, and it seems to move only faster the older you get. So please please please people of earth: appreciate the moments of specialness as you experience them. Life is fragile: appreciate it in all its shapes and forms.
  3. Make your own fun
    You have the power to create your own adventures, your own fun, your own happiness and your own experiences. Don't wait for someone else or the perfect time: go ahead and make your own fun. It's your life: live it!
  4. It's better to travel than to arrive.
    Sorry religions, but I'd rather make the most of our short 75 years (if we are super lucky) on earth by doing things now to make myself and my friends and family happy, rather than waiting for some promised heaven or afterlife. (And if I'm wrong: well at least I also had an awesome life!)
  5. The journey is the reward
    No, seriously, so many people are so singularly focused on their destinations they lose track of everything on the way. Don't. The good stuff IS on the way, and if you forget to look or pay attention you might find yourself facing a slight feeling of disappointment on arrival. Worse: You might even end up in the wrong place.
  6. Getting there is all the fun
    Really: This I have learned over and over and over again. [Your results may vary].
  7. Life is a journey, not a destination.
    Got it? Go on a quest. 'A quest for what?' you ask. See next item:
  8. Have something to do
    It's important to have a reason to get up each day. This will vary by person, so the meaning of life is figuring out what it is for you. It will change over time, too. That's perfectly fine. What is it? Who knows. Maybe: helping or serving people, making money, inventing stuff, writing novels or screenplays or poems, making music or movies or art, raising children, listing, graffitiing 42 on stuff, being strong for those who can't, fighting the power, making bread, growing stuff. Figure it out!
  9. That's what I've learned ... so far.
    What have your learned? Long-press the title to make your own list!