Thanks for the observant request @megbarrett.
  1. Components
    A ceramic bowl. Keeps the ice cream cold longer.
  2. Static
    One banana.
  3. Static
    Vanilla-based ice cream. I've got tasty butter pecan here tonight. Plain vanilla is fine; chocolate chip is fine; chocolate ice cream or any of the other more exotic ice cream flavors are right out.
  4. Static
    Quality chocolate chips. Not that Hershey's crap. (Some things are worth investing in for quality: chocolate chips are one of those things worth the extra dollar.)
  5. Static
    Nuts of some type. I've got this tonight, but I just as often use the little bags of peanuts that come in noodle bowls.
  6. Build perfection
    Quarter the banana into the bowl thusly.
  7. Add four scoops of ice cream. Top with chocolate chips.
    Exactly four medium sized scoops. Three will give you too much banana and leave you wishing you had four scoops; five scoops is just selfish and glutinous and will leave you with a bowl of milky nuts. Four scoops!
  8. Top that with nuts.
  9. Giphy
  10. Giphy
  11. Giphy