I adopted the Colorado Rockies as my favorite baseball team when I moved to Colorado the same year Denver was awarded a franchise, and I have been a fan since they started playing in 1993. It hasn't always been easy.
  1. There are a lot of losing seasons in this string of 23 years.
    They've made the playoffs as a wildcard team only 3 times: 1995, the magical Rocktober dream of 2007 (all the way to the World Series!), and again in 2009. Since then: pretty awful. They've had a losing record in 12 of the last 15 seasons and five in a row. They have never finished in first place in their division, and they've been as high as second only those three times they made the playoffs as a wildcard team. I know: TMI.
  2. This year was predicted to be the same.
  3. Static
    These are photos I took of this year's preseason headlines.
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    And a quote from our best player.
  7. They flirted with a winning record over the first six weeks of this year, and then started their usual June swoon early, in mid-May.
    Sigh. Here we go again, even though we had a pleasant night at the ballpark during a win over the Phillies back in July, pictured above. They were 12 games under .500 before the All-Star break.
  8. The Colorado Rockies haven't been above .500 after the All-Star break since 2010, which was their last winning season (83-79).
  9. Alert: Since the All-Star game they've been playing some very decent baseball. We are 14-5 since then and suddenly it's not crazy to think about a (wildcard) playoff chase.
    We have several young starting pitchers who are begining to figure things out! Plus our crafty lefty Jorge De La Rosa, seen here beating the Giants back in April, is back on form. Huzzah!
  10. The point of this list: look at this morning's standings
    ⚾️⚾️⚾️ Above .500! ⚾️⚾️⚾️
  11. Also of note: The Rox are not currently in last place!
    (Thank you Padres and Diamondbacks)
  12. Come on everyone, join me on the bandwagon!
    It might only last one day, and it might only last a week, and a whole month would be wildest dream worthy, but winning baseball is so much more fun than losing baseball....
  13. Go Rockies! ⚾️⚾️⚾️
  14. [I had to preserve this day in li.st form since we Rockies fans are conditioned to losing and it likely won't be long until the team quickly starts blowing leads and losing again.] I've probably jinxed them by making this list. Hubris.
    (For example, I wrote this last Saturday when they beat Mets to get to 52-52, then they lost and went back under .500. Then we lost sensational slugging rookie SS Trevor Story to a thumb injury. Then we beat the hated Dodgers twice to get back above water. And last night after hitting two home runs it appears our slugger CarGo twisted an ankle... Still, they are for today at least above .500. Winning is fragile.)
  15. That is all. I now return you back to your normal @list programming.