For @Diplomatic_diva and @solena, who claim to have never eaten this American classic.
  1. Static
    Two slices bread. These are whole wheat, but "white bread" is probably more accurate. The holes will later prove to be problematic.
  2. Static
    Select a peanut butter. I like creamy for sandwiches; reduced fat is a concession to age.
  3. Static
    Spread generously on each side.
  4. Static
    Choose a jelly. I'm going with blueberry today. Also acceptable: grape, strawberry, mixed berry. Unacceptable are orange-flavors or marmalades.
  5. Static
    Glop on one side.
  6. Static
    Roughly spread.
  7. Static
    Flip side B onto side A.
  8. Static
    Place in handy carrying container.
  9. Static
    Walk four miles into a forest. Sit on log and eat.
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
    Perfection! 💯🏆💰🥇👑⭐️👍