Denver Comic Con is in about seven weeks so perhaps you need to make some chain-mail for a cos-play costume? This chain-mail operation is currently under way on my back deck.
  1. Build one of these contraptions.
  2. Get a spool of wire.
    It's 14 gauge galvanized steel wire (for electric fences)
  3. Slip the end of the wire into the steel rod.
    Bend it a little.
  4. Pull the trigger on the drill
    This will rotate the rod and wrap the steel wire around the rod.
  5. Wrap the steel wire around the rod, making dozens of small circles.
  6. ... Keep winding...
  7. ... All the way to the end.
  8. Cut the wire from the spool.
  9. Remove the rod from the device and slide the wire off the rod. It will look like this.
  10. Repeat
  11. Repeat
    Make a LOT of these wire coils.
  12. Use your wire cutters and cut the wire into little circles.
  13. Make a lot of little wire circles.
    (Watch a lot of Game of Thrones while you do this. This part will take time.)
  14. Weave the circles together
    Patiently. Very patiently. This part will take more time.
  15. Make sections of chain mail
  16. Make a costume!
  17. Use the chain mail in cos-play. Or for elven costumes for music videos.
    Eat pizza in your leather and chain mail on break from filming music video. (Watch video later: )