Thanks for the list request Kate8Z!
  1. 💥FIRST 💥
  2. Learn to ride a unicycle.
    My wife gave me a unicycle for my 50th birthday (to start my 'year of trying new things') because she knew I'd always wanted to learn to ride one. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn the basics (and for inspiration). I taught myself to ride in about 2 weeks of daily failure/practice. It took about a month before I could ride around the block and about two months before I could ride a mile without stopping.
  3. 💥 NEXT 💥
  4. Practice riding a unicycle.
    I still ride 1-3 times per week weather permitting for 15-30 minutes: it's fun and it's great aerobic and core-muscle group exercise. The more you ride the less likely you are to fall off or get hurt.
  5. 💥 NOW 💥
  6. Stretch before you ride.
    (Loosen up. This is mainly old man advice for pretty much everything.)
  7. Don't go too fast.
    You'll crash.
  8. Don't go too slow.
    You'll crash.
  9. Don't fall off.
    If you do fall off, land on your feet.
  10. Watch out for road or trail debris.
    Rocks, sticks, cracks, uneven pavement sections, driveways, garden hoses, etc. They all can stop your wheel and Newton's laws explain that when the wheel you are sitting atop stops rolling, you will find yourself on the ground due to gravity.
  11. Use caution when passing people walking dogs.
    Applies to small children too. Hard to react to sudden movement.
  12. Use caution when changing trail surfaces.
    Lean in. Focus.
  13. Use caution in transition to uphill or downhill conditions.
    Lean in or slightly back, respectively. Don't ride Moab's Slickrock trail until you are ready.
  14. And if you fall?
    Get up and start again.