1. it's about transformations
  2. that have taken place
  3. how fragile everything is
  4. the human body its need
  5. for nurture and protection
  6. in a frightening world the
  7. things we forget we fear
  8. during the routines of daily life:
  9. fear of the grip of the past
  10. of the uncertainty of the future
  11. of loss in the invisible now
  12. perseverance in the face
  13. of neglect the squishy heart
  14. of a sensitive child beats
  15. in every adult loaded with
  16. highly personal units of information
  17. signs of our obsolescence
  18. the lingo of existentialism is a
  19. kind of utopia of its own making
  20. and completely useless
  21. when people start shooting
  22. life is far more a matter
  23. of imagination than
  24. of love or
  25. money