Inspired by @nathanveshecco. Another Mini List History™💤
  1. It is 1989. Yes 1989. And I'm 27.
  2. 70% of you are not yet born.
  3. The rest of you are still in school.
    Mostly grade school or high school. A few of you old timers may be in college.
  4. I'm about 5 years out of college. I'm working as an editor during the days and freelancing at a newspaper as a sportswriter at night.
    Living in lovely Santa Rosa, California.
  5. I've been married for about 18 months
    No kids yet. Yes, I tended to wear board shorts (when I wasn't working). And yes: as you can see, a 1980s semi-mullet hair style.
  6. I'm slowly turning over my music collection from cassette tapes to CDs.
    New tech is expensive. We paid like $400 for a CD player and an album on CD costs about $15, which is like $32 today.
  7. Houses have things called telephones
  8. I have a Mac SE
    Paid $2700 for it. And then $500 for a 20 megabyte external hard drive. I play a lot of Tetris and Scarab of Ra. Write a couple of novels on it too.
  9. I have a very primitive email message system at work.
    You can only message other employees. No one outside the company. I'm hearing rumors of something called the Internet, but I won't get my own @ email address until 1991. I won't visit the WWW until 1995.
  10. We saw a bunch of great movies
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Back to the Future 2. Say Anything. When Harry Met Sally. Major League.
  11. We saw some pretty good concerts too
    Oingo Boingo. They Might Be Giants. The Proclaimers. Depeche Mode. OMD.
  12. I'm driving a 1985 Corolla.
    It's reliable
  13. I saw my first and only World Series Game in person. A's beat my Giants.
    Remember the earthquake game at Candlestick? I wasn't there. But when the game was rescheduled, my coworker was scheduled to work and couldn't go so he gave me his tickets. So my wife and I got to see the World Series.
  14. Students protest for democracy in Tiananmen Square in China.
    It won't end well. For the students.
  15. Oh yeah: The Iron Curtain falls
    Poland recognizes Solidarity. Hungary takes down miles of barbed wire. Czechoslovakia opens its borders. By November the Berlin Wall comes down.