Inspired by @HisDudeness with his insightful hypothetical 🇺🇸World Cup ⚽️ football team of 1990, presented here (please read and be amazed): Miracle on the Pitch
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    His Dudeness's idea:
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    Here is your hypothetical we-only-played-soccer-growing-up 1966 USA Team America.
    After testing an integrated lineup during the 1958 and the 1962 World Cups, this is the first fully integrated American team, and the first to go deep into the tourney since the 1930 team finished 3rd. Striking a resonant Cold War victory over the USSR in the quarterfinals, the Americans fell to eventual cup champs England in the semis.
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    (Many contend that if this line-up had been allowed to represent the USA in '62 when they were all four years younger and Mays was in his prime, they would have swept through the World Cup and beaten Brazil for the championship.)
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    Here's your starting XI:
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    Gale Sayers - Striker
    The 23-year-old was a fleet, twisting ball-handler and nearly unstoppable. He led the Americans with 5 goals during the Cup.
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    Striker - Bob Hayes
    The 24-year-old was the fastest man on the pitch and the planet (Olympic Gold in '64 in the 100 and 4x100 relays). His speed freed Sayers to make plays.
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    Jerry West - Right Midfielder
    A veteran of the '62 team, West was 28 and in his prime. His passing and ball handling was of the Gods.
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    Willie Mays - Attacking Midfielder
    The oldest man on the team at 35, the veteran's experience and deft passing made up for his lost step. He would play his last games on the world stage and his tying goal v. host England in the 71st minute was legendary.
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    Elgin Baylor- Left Midfielder
    Moved back after a career as a striker, the 32-year-old settled into his new position and gave opponents fits with his deep runs into the box.
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    Muhammad Ali - Center Back
    24 years old and playing in the first of what would be 4 World Cups, his charisma and character made him the breakout star of the World Cup and an international star for years.
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    Jim Brown - Right Back
    Large, fast, strong and 30 years old, he patrolled the defense with his presence as much as his force.
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    Rafer Johnson - Center Back
    The best pure athlete on the team even at 31, he didn't give an inch and harassed his opponents all game long.
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    Bill Russell - Defensive Midfielder
    The team captain, the 32-year-old was playing in his second Cup and controlled the team's mid-field.
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    Frank Robinson - Left Back
    The quintessential defenseman of his generation: big, strong and didn't make mistakes. A perfect professional at 31.
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    Wilt Chamberlain- Goal Keeper
    The 30 year old 7'1" mobile giant was a fortress in the keep.
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    The first men off the bench who saw regular playing time in the qualifying games included:
    Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Bart Starr and youngsters Joe Namath and Reggie Jackson.
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    After losing to England 2-1 in the semi-final on Bobby Charlton's controversial 83rd minute hand ball goal...
    The Americans upset Eusébio's uninspired Portugal squad 3-nil for third place.
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