Inspired by @amieshmamie
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    Bicycle Racing
    The one sport I am a true fanatic for, from the one day classics like Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, to the week long stage races like Tour of California and the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado (above) and the Euro World Tour races, to local criteriums and cyclocross races, to the three-week grand yours (Giro! Le Tour! Vuelta!). I love the non-stop excitement, the demanding physical effort of the riders, the traditions and how perfect it is for television. Favorite teams: Cannondale & BMC
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    I married into a Scrabble family. We play family tournaments and have an annual traveling trophy for most points in the year, The Zyzzyva Cup. My wife is 2015 champion; I won it once in 2009; her dad has won it every other year. In head-to-head games with my wife in this decade, since 2011, the score is Mrs 96 wins, Mr 65 wins. She has a crazy good vocab while I'm more strategically competitive. Take-away: knowing more words is better.
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    Colorado Rockies
    A baseball fan since childhood, I grew up a Giants fan, but moved to Colorado before Denver had a major league team. I vowed to adopt the Rockies when it was announced we were getting an expansion team. Traditionally they have been pretty bad due to cheap owners, but we had one glorious run in September and Rocktober of 2007. Playing surprisingly well this year: young pitchers give me hope, which I will likely regret come July. Luckily we have Coors Field, which is always better than the team.
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    William Gibson
    One of three authors who I've read every book, own every book, and make the effort to go see read/sign when they come through town. An engaging writer of speculative fiction and near future realities, I love getting lost in his books.
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    Neal Stephenson
    The second of my three favorite authors, reading him makes me feel smarter (and sometimes awed by the sheer power of his intelligence), and he writes amusing and fun adventure yarns set in all sorts of amazingly complete sci-fi worlds.
  6. 6.
    Kurt Vonnegut
    Needs no introduction. Own and have read all and reread many of his great novels. Lucky to have seen him speak once; I listed here about the advice for life he shared that night: ADVICE FROM KURT VONNEGUT
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    The IT Crowd
    One of only two TV series I know I've watched at least three times all the way through. So, so funny.
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    The other TV series I've watched at least three times. I have massive crushes on both Carrie and Fred, and they both just make me laugh.
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    Ticket To Ride
    Another board game we play weekly with my in-laws. Fast, fun, easy to learn, strategic train-building and route-completion game with maps and fun little plastic train cars.
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    Star Wars
    I saw the original film in the theaters a couple of times in summer 1977 as a high school freshman. Talk about perfect timing! A fan for nearly 40 years!