Inspired by everyone and by @gwcoffey. If that old guy can do it, I guess THIS old guy can do it too. (Note: I'm up to 1990 and it's taking forever!) (Another Note: Phew! Two hours later and I'm done!)
  1. 1962 - Lawrence of Arabia
    The definition of epic.
  2. 1963 - The Birds
    Bonus: Filmed near where I grew up so my older brother would always point out film locations when we drove out to Bodega Bay
  3. 1964 - Dr Strangelove
    Mary Poppins and A Hard Day's Night a close second/third
  4. 1965 - For A Few Dollars More
    Not a great year for films unless you love The Sound of Music or Dr Zhivago
  5. 1966 - Pass
    A worse year for movies.
  6. 1967 - The Jungle Book
    The very first film I saw in a theater. I was five. Saw it twice with my brother. (The Graduate is my grown up favorite)
  7. 1968 - Planet of the Apes
    I saw Oliver in theaters (my first live action film), but I watched Planet of the Apes bunches of time on TV.
  8. 1969 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    One of my favorite films ever. Saw it in first release and saw it again a few months ago on the big screen. And dozens of times in-between.
  9. 1970 - Airport
    Bring on the disaster movies!
  10. 1971 - Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    I was 9. I was the target audience. And I'd actually read the book first! And I was shocked to see Wonka candy in the candy case at the theater. Amazing!
  11. 1972 - The Godfather
    I didn't see it until I got to college 10 years later... But it's a masterpiece.
  12. 1973 - American Grafitti
    Kicked off the Happy Days frenzy... Pre Indy/Solo Harrison Ford, too!
  13. 1974 - Young Frankenstein
    Blazing Saddles is a close second. Chinatown is also excellent.
  14. 1975 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Return of the Pink Panther I also like.
  15. 1976 - Silver Steak
    Wilder and Pryor edge out Sellers in another Pink Panther movie.
  16. 1977 - Star Wars
    Of course. Saw it in theaters in high school. But also: Annie Hall, Close Encounters, High Anxiety, Oh God!, Saturday Night Fever.
  17. 1978 - Heaven Can Wait
    At the time, it was my favorite. Now maybe Revenge of the Pink Panther? Or Animal House?
  18. 1979 - Breaking Away
    A bike racing movie! The Muppet Movie was also excellent. And Alien.
  19. 1980 - Airplane!
    Just kidding, but a story: my buddies and I saw it several times in the theater, because when we saw The Gong Show Movie (yes! Really!) the preview for Airplane! made us laugh so hard. And it is (was?) very funny to high school me.
  20. 1980 - The Empire Strikes Back
    For reals.
  21. 1981 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    It really was a different kind of movie. When we first saw it in theaters the non-stop action and humor were a new combination of fun. Chariots of Fire is also high on my list. And Stripes.
  22. 1982 - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Duuuuude. The film closest to my actual high school experience in time and location and music.
  23. 1983 - Valley Girl
    Impossible to choose over War Games. Mr. Mom. The Big Chill. Return of the Jedi. Vacation. Flashdance. Risky Business. But I did.
  24. 1984 - This Is Spinal Tap
    It's one louder than Ghostbusters and Footloose.
  25. 1985 - Back to the Future
    Again: barely over Breakfast Club and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Weird Science
  26. 1986 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  27. 1987 - The Princess Bride
    As you wish.
  28. 1988 - Beetlejuice
    Or Big. Or A Fish Called Wanda.
  29. 1989 - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Field of Dreams a very close second.
  30. 1990 - Total Recall
  31. 1991 - Thelma and Louise
    Barton Fink would be second.
  32. 1992 - Wayne's World
    Party on!
  33. 1993 - Groundhog Day
    Harold Ramis was a genius.
  34. 1994 - Forest Gump
    Sorry Pulp Fiction.
  35. 1995 - Toy Story
    The computer graphics at the time were unbelievable. Apollo 13 is also excellent.
  36. 1996 - Fargo
  37. 1997 - The Fifth Element
  38. 1998 - Rushmore
    I'd also watch Saving Private Ryan or The Truman Show.
  39. 1999 - Being John Malkovich
    Notting Hill is also a favorite.
  40. 2000 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Such a great film. I'd also watch High Fidelity and Cast Away. And The Emperor's New Groove.
  41. 2000 - O Brother, Where Art Thou
    Yes I'm cheating and taking a mulligan. Because this may be the most perfect film ever.
  42. 2001 - Zoolander
    Moulin Rouge! A Beautiful Mind. Saving Silverman! But I own Zoolander.
  43. 2002 - About A Boy
    Bubba Ho-Tep is my cult favorite of the year.
  44. 2003 - Elf
    Love Actually is a distant second.
  45. 2004 - Shaun of the Dead
    Or Mean Girls. Or Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Maybe The Incredibles.
  46. 2005 - King Kong
    Again, for the year, the computer FX were amazing. Serenity would also be near the top.
  47. 2006 - Children of Men
    Or The Prestige. Little Miss Sunshine would also be up there.
  48. 2007 - Juno
    Or Hot Fuzz? Maybe No Country for Old Men? (My taste is all over the place, eh?). Definitely Juno.
  49. 2008 - Be Kind Rewind
    Sleeper choice. I loved this film and need to watch it again to see if I like it more than Tropic Thunder or In Bruges.
  50. 2009 - Fantastic Mister Fox
    District 9 was also very excellent. And 500 Days of Summer. And A Single Man. and A Serious Man. And Up. And Up In The Air. (THIS IS HARD PEOPLE!)
  51. 2010 - Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    Another nearly perfect film.
  52. 2011 - The Artist
    Love love love it. (Maybe Midnight in Paris some days?)
  53. 2012 - Moonrise Kingdom
  54. 2013 - Her
    Originally I had Inside Llewyn Davis. Also: The Way Way Back.
  55. 2014 - Grand Budapest Hotel
    Big Hero 6? Citizenfour? Boyhood? Birdman?
  56. 2015 - Ex Machina
    But I'm still catching up on a lot of the year-end films that are just getting to stream or DVD. I also loved the new Star Wars film.
  57. 2016 - Don't Think Twice
    Replacing Hail, Caesar which was here when I first published. Hunt for the Wilderpeople would be close second.
  58. Thanks for reading this far. A bonus list...
    My 10 favorite films of all time from a few months ago (and they are all listed above! Win!):