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Inspired and reminded of by @ladyprofessor and her dream about Jason Segal Background: I'm not a person who remembers his dreams. People say I must have dreams, but I wake without memories of them. Perhaps once every 10 years or so it happens. So when it happens, I really remember it. This one I wrote down immediately. I share it now:
  1. Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd appeared in my dream in October 2010.
  2. Together
    Blatant extra item just to use that photo. Sorry.
  3. I was on some sort of work-related company trip or a planning retreat.
    These things happen when you work for a Fortune 50 company.
  4. Seth and Paul were to be the motivational speakers for our group.
    (Which makes no sense at all but would probably be totally awesome. Way better than the motivational speakers or consulting gurus or edu-trainers we usually get. Seth and Paul: Dream reality.)
  5. I was staying a generic hotel room.
  6. For some reason, they were enjoying hanging out with me before they took the stage. We were talking and laughing and getting on well.
  7. Exposition break for context: In addition to being employed in my corporate day job, I also write from time to time.
    Among many things, I consider myself a novelist and poet, but I'm pretty introverted about it and don't really share my work with anyone. (Except for those poems on my unfollowed Tumblr.)
  8. Back to the dream: So, I enjoy Seth's movies, and we're getting along, so I say, "Can I ask you about your writing process?"
  9. "Oh, here it comes" he said, in that famous deep voice. The vibe in the room has changed.
  10. I try to explain. "I'm just curious if you and Paul write for an hour or two or three each day every day, or do you only start writing when you have a good idea for a script?"
    Basic writing craft curiosity is all.
  11. "Tell me what you really want!" he demanded, louder this time.
    As if he was sick and tired of people asking him for Hollywood favors - would you read my screenplay, etc.
  12. So I said, "Well, I write novels."
  13. That's when Dream Seth Rogen laid into me. He stood up and leaned over me.
  14. He shouted.
    (I remember it being so loud in the dream)
  15. "That's like playing with DOLLhouses," he yelled at me in his low, low voice.
  16. Dollhouses?
    As in, child's play? Not worthy?
  17. Dream Seth Rogen clearly didn't want me wasting my time writing novels.
  18. Paul Rudd was pretty nice the whole time. Very laid back. Just like you picture him.
    He didn't voice an opinion on my writing ambitions
  19. Later, I discovered Seth had somehow reassembled the keyboard for my computer writing device, reconfiguring the keyboard into the "Argentina" style layout.
  20. Dreams.