Inspired by everyone. Photos (except noted) from web
  1. West: Port Orford, Oregon
    During a west coast Highway 101 bike tour.
  2. North: Skjetten, Norway
    This very hotel in Oslo northern suburbs.
  3. East: Copenhagen, Denmark
    At the airport, transferring for a flight to Goteburg, Sweden
  4. South: Orlando, Florida
    At this very Disney hotel. Sadly all the parks are barely further north. Would've been cooler to name a specific ride or attraction as furthest south.
  5. Highest Point: Gray's Peak, Colorado
    Gray's is 14,270 feet above sea level. Have also been atop Torrey's Peak (14,267), Mount Evans (14,264) and Long's Peak (14,255). Day hikes except you can drive to near the top of Mt Evans. Photo is of Long's Peak taken from near my home.
  6. Lowest Point: Death Valley, California
    279 feet below sea level