I like seeking inspiration by learning how creative people came to be. And I like reading amusing tales more than a listing of drugs and regrets. So: list ranked by motivational inspirational power (squared) times humor.
  1. 'Sick In The Head' - Judd Apatow
  2. 'Girl Walks Into A Bar' - Rachel Dratch
  3. 'Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl' - Carrie Brownstein
  4. 'You're Never Weird On The Internet' - Felicia Day
  5. 'Yes Please' - Amy Poehler
  6. 'The Bassoon King' - Rainn Wilson
  7. 'Say Anything' - John Cleese
  8. '39 Years Of Short-Term Memory Loss' - Tom Davis
  9. 'More Fool Me' - Stephen Fry
  10. 'Reckless' - Chrissie Hynde
  11. * 'M Train' - Patti Smith
    * Super Honorable Mention - Not a memoir per se, but a wonderful collection of essays and memories about coffee and travel. Beautiful and haunting, it would top a different list with different criteria. Makes me want to write. Her 'Just Kids' topped this list in a previous year.
  12. * 'Pro Cycling On $10 A Day - Phil Gaimin
    * Honorable Mention as Phil is a pro athlete rather than a pro writer/performer/creative person, but this is the book I read the fastest and twas still inspiring in encouraging the reader to pursue his/her goals