Requested by jessica


Oh, I have time, a box of maps and a highlighter! So yes @jaidub thanks for this opportunity! And @loriatx for reminding me of this career path!
  1. Box O Maps
  2. Highlighter
  3. This map will do
  4. (genuine AAA!)
    Not for sale!
  5. We'll assume you've been staying in style at the Old Faithful Lodge
  6. Turn left from the parking lot at Old Faithful and head south on US Hwy 287 to the park exit.
  7. Drive south on US 287 through Yellowstone NP
    Once you leave the valley where Old Faithful is you'll mostly see forest. A lot of forest. Maybe some deer.
  8. At Moran Jct, go right/south on US Hwy 89 to Jackson Hole.
    Enjoy the marvelous views out your passenger side windows of the jagged Tetons and Grand Teton National Park. Watch for moose in the roadside ponds. Note: if you miss this turn and stay on US 287 for about 7 1/2 hours you will drive within 2 miles of my house.
  9. Stop in Jackson for lunch. Enjoy the antler arch in Jackson's central square.
    Prepare to spend cash if you plan to eat or sleep over here.
  10. Continue south on US 89 from Jackson to Afton to and through to Smoot.
    This is a good time for a nap if you have a second driver. However, please do not nap and drive.
  11. Cross Geneva Summit and head briefly into Idaho.
    You'll likely cross the historic Oregon Trail near Montpelier. Stop and read roadside history markers.
  12. Oregon Trail highway signs look like this:
  13. From Montpelier, continue south on US 89 into Utah.
  14. Drive through Logan and at the Junction of Interstate 15, turn south
    You will be in Salt Lake City within the hour. Note: when this map was printed I-15 was still under construction north of SLC!
  15. The Capitol in SLC has nice views of downtown, Temple Square and a tribute to television pioneer Philo Farnsworth.