Inspired by @mallofamanda, wonderfully created in France by @solena, outfitted in Scotland and generously shared by @marceline. Also: attn @listbot
  1. After two weeks on the road traveling from Scotland, Origami Li.stbot is greeted in Colorado by K2SO. Previously: Origami Li.stbot is off on his travels again 🤖✈️ See also: Origami Li.stBot
  2. K2SO tells OLB1 where to put his suitcase.
  3. Upon unpacking, it appears Origami Li.stbot got bored and nibbled a KitKat while traveling.
  4. Westley Spinone was quite excited to meet OLB1
  5. Russell Spinone was less enthusiastic.
  6. Going for the first of many walks in the Colorado springtime sunshine.
  7. Later, OrigamiLi.stbot met a frequent visitor to earth.
  8. Getting the lay of the land and preparing for Colorado sight-seeing. Stay tuned for more adventures!
  9. Came home to find they'd hacked my old iPod and have a great late-night dance party rave happening!
  10. Road trip!
  11. Western Tourism!
  12. Glimpse of the divide.
  13. Denver!
  14. IPA for me, WD40 for OLB1
  15. St. Vrain River and Long's Peak.
  16. OLB1 introducing us to one of his favorite shows.
  17. To old friends!
  18. And to new friends and the adventure of travel! Origami Li.stbot got his passport stamped in Colorado.
  19. Packed a snack for the next leg of his journey.
  20. And picked up his suitcase and hit the road to Georgia! Be sure to follow @mallofamanda to discover what OLB1 does next! Attn: @solena and @marceline and @listbot