Here are photos of some of the wildlife I saw last week during four days in Yellowstone National Park. We also saw but did not photograph a moose and her baby in Grand Teton, and (through a scope) a gray wolf with three of her pups in Hayden Valley (which was probably the highlight of the trip). I also saw:
  1. Bison.
  2. Bison near a river.
  3. Bison by a log.
  4. Bison on a road.
  5. Lots of bison everywhere: the bigger herds were in the Hayden Valley and north of Tower-Roosevelt towards Mammoth Hot Springs.
  6. Bull elk
  7. Cow elk.
  8. A young harem-less male elk.
  9. Lots of elk. We spent 20 minutes watching the young male on right try to take this herd of cow elk from the big male on the left. Drama! Lot of elk bugling too.
  10. A solitary male black bear on Mount Washburn trail. We watched him eat pinecones and white pine bark for 10 minutes until he ambled off down the hillside. A second highlight. It was the first bear I've seen in five or six visits since 1977 to the park famous for its bears.
  11. Blacktail deer.
  12. Mule deer, including this one hopping a fence in Montana's Yellowstone River valley.
  13. A ghost-like Rocky Mountain Goat in the cloud fog on a hike up Bunsen Peak. A surprising thrill. A third highlight.
  14. A bighorn ram.
  15. Bighorn sheep ewes and babies.
  16. Pronghorn antelope, one of literally thousands I saw.
  17. Pronghorn crossing a road.
  18. A chipmunk, in silhouette.
  19. An unidentified raptor, in silhouette (it may be an eagle?). I also saw but did not photograph a golden eagle and a bald eagle.
  20. Hikers Americanos, in silhouette, on the trail up Mount Washburn.
  21. Ravens. Lots of big ravens everywhere.
  22. A Great Gray Owl near Yellowstone Lake.
  23. Grouse on Bunsen Peak.
  24. Grouse on Mount Washburn.
  25. Trumpeter swans on Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley.
  26. Trumpeter swans on Swan Lake. Bird nerd thrill.
  27. A porcupine quill (I think?, I hope?)
  28. Coyote scat, I think, on Glen Creek Trail.
  29. And finally, me in selfie mode, in a cloud on Bunsen Peak trail.