Inspired by @PeteOnEarth *Disclaimer: I'm not saying I like or dislike Hillary. This is just for fun.
  1. Deleting text messages, emails, and browser histories before I saw them.
  2. Defending her older brother for beating up her younger brother.
  3. Not realizing her self worth and dumping the quarterback she's dating after he publicly announced to the whole school that he cheated on her with the yearbook editor.
  4. Saying "at this point, what difference does it make?" when she doesn't show up for SAT's.
  5. Lying about the severity of an argument with her brothers.
    "I had to run for my life! I was under NERF gun fire!"
  6. Purposely leaving the garage door open when she comes in at night.
  7. Because babysitters always decline when they realize they have to watch Hillary and not just her brothers.
  8. Trying to tax me on her allowance.
  9. Collecting bribes to keep her brothers secrets.
  10. Rolling her eyes and smirking at me all the time.