2016: A Photo For Every Month

  1. January: This was a lot of snow for Nashville! My Yankee husband went right to work digging us out.
  2. February: My 1st baby turned 10!
  3. March: Easter egg hunt at Historic Rock Castle in Hendersonville, TN.
  4. April: Nashville lit up Purple for Prince. 💜
  5. May: After 2 years in Nashville, it was time to go home so I had a farewell dinner with some of my friends at Rosepepper Cantina.
  6. June: Home Sweet Home Missouri
  7. July: We pretty much lived in our new pool this month.
  8. August: We spent a week at Gull Lake in northern Minnesota, visiting the in laws and my baby turned 4 while we were there.
  9. September: Fair season ...so happy to be back at our little county fair this year!
  10. October: Lots of cool things happened this month, the highlight being that I got to see @mrbobbybones Funny & Alone stand up and the Raging Idiots at Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis.
  11. November: Another successful Thanksgiving dinner in the books.
  12. December: The month isn't even half over so it feels weird finalizing it with a photo, but I may not be able to top this view anyway...