Thanks to Nickelodeon Splat, I've been watching some of the shoes from my childhood with my oldest son. These are Double Dare and Legends of the Hidden Temple prizes
  1. Sony Walkman
    His reaction: "what is that thing?" I had to show him what a cassette tape was and I still don't think he understands that these were our MP3 players.
  2. RCA TV
    "You had to watch TV on that thing?!" Yes son, we haven't always had 60" flat screens. I actually had a console TV growing up and our satellite dish was a good 15 feet x 10 feet that moved when my dad changed the channel.
  3. Sharp VCR
    He actually knew what this was so I guess I'm doing something right.
  4. Reeboks
    Keeping these things clean? The struggle was real.
  5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids VHS
    He hasn't seen the movie but he's read the book so that's something at least.
  6. BK Ratch Tech's
    "Strap on the noise!" He said he would wear these
  7. Last but not least...Magnavox boom box
    This thing made John Cusack's in Say Anything pale in comparison.