My mom gave me all the family photo albums and as I've been going through them, I see my youngest definitely inherited his zest for life from me, as evidenced in the list A COLLECTION OF MY TODDLER BEING SUPER IMPRESSED WITH LIFE
  1. Side eye fa lyfe
  2. The original Grumpy Baby
  3. Stank face on the regular
  4. I'd still rather interact solely with garden gnomes for the most part.
  5. Oh great, I have a sister now.
  6. Yeah, this is exactly how I imagined it would be.
  7. I just cannot deal!
  8. A Popple couldn't even get a rise out of me. There's no hope.
  9. To be honest, it was probably the outfit that garnered this round of RBF.
  10. I dealt so well with getting a sister, let's throw in a brother, too!
  11. I seriously don't remember being this unhappy until the 90's.
  12. So. Dramatic.
  13. Take me away to Neverland. Please, take me now!
  14. Maybe it was because I played t-ball for a funeral home. Maybe it was because my Pepsi was gone.
  15. Great-grandparents, brother, sister and me ...all being impressed with life. My mom had just started perming my bangs too so I'm sure that didn't help.
  16. Seriously, DCFS should've been called in to investigate once I got those bangs.
  17. Christmas lights...ugh! They always get the good gifts!
  18. I sincerely hope this was Halloween but I don't remember.
  19. Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance did not impress me. Maybe I was regretting my decision to fake vision problems because I wanted glasses like my BFF.
  20. Science Awards didn't impress me either. Or an autographed Pocahontas poster or even a Kristy from Babysitters Club doll.
  21. It's my party and I'll be mad at the world if I want to.
  22. I finally managed to ditch the glasses and gained a Bush tshirt but the angst is too strong now.
  23. The real Miss Southern Illinois should've taken notes on how to have a killer personality like me.
  24. Life is so unfair.
  25. I think my ex-bf can be blamed for this one.
  26. And a horribly unflattering prom dress and makeup job for this one.
  27. But for real, it was probably all this Easter bunny's fault that mom took me to see as a baby.
  28. I'm still impressed with life today. 💁🏼