Inspired by @estone and @kates08
  1. This group that ignited my passion for reading...BSC!
  2. Punky Brewster ...she was just too cool.
  3. Once I read all of the BSC books, Sweet Valley High was the natural progression...
  4. Now & Then ...I learned more from Roberta, Samantha, Chrissy and Teeny than from anyone else ever.
  5. Clarissa always explained it all too.
  6. Before Fuller House, these girls were just making me want to move to San Fran and be raised by 3 men.
  7. And I needed a twin sister like I needed air.
  8. Can't forget the baes of Bayside!
  9. And when I needed to spice up my life, these were the ladies for the job.
  10. Oh, Topanga...
  11. My first girl crush ...Britney 5ever!
  12. And did you really think Cher wouldn't make the list? As if!