1. My bus driver from K-8th grade was a wonderful woman by the name of Ella Mae Nalley.
  2. My bus ride was roughly 25 miles one way and I was the first to be picked up and the last to be dropped off so my rides were well over an hour.
  3. I talked Ms. Ella's head off the entire time every single day. And she listened to me.
  4. It was on her bus that I first learned about sex from a kid with the same name as a famous actor...we'll call him Justin Coffman.
  5. It was on her bus that a high schooler tricked me into giving him my phone number. I did it because I was scared. He never called.
  6. It was on her bus that I endearingly called my older cousin "metal mouth" when he got his braces and my mom made me apologize when she found out.
  7. I've been reminded of these memories and of her many times throughout the years but I never thought to try and look her up and tell her how much she meant to me.
  8. Until today. She passed away on September 25, 2015, so she's been gone for almost a year. I lost my chance.
  9. If you think about someone often and they've impacted your life in a positive way, let them know before it's too late.
  10. RIP Ms. Nalley