Requested by Lev Novak


Requested by @LevNovak ...these are the best burgers (that I've tried so far) in Nashville, TN.
  1. Riverside Grill Shack
    I don't have a photo because I inhaled this burger before I thought to memorialize it. They don't have a lot of options here so just tell them you want a cheeseburger and they're going to hand you heaven in a grease soaked container. And don't forget the Uber-Tuber handcut fries!
  2. MC Burger from The Stillery
    This was a 2015 Scene Burger Week creation. I would pay $10 to park a mile away for this burger anytime. It's a house-ground party of brisket, chuck and pork belly, topped with cheddar, fried egg, bacon, prosciutto and roasted aioli on a giant English muffin.
  3. Jack Brown's
    If you're into experimentation, this is your burger place. I've had The Greg Brady, which is topped with mac & cheese and BBQ chips and The Brockman (pictured), which is topped with cheese, egg and bacon and it's on a glazed donut. They also have The Elvis (PB, banana and bacon) and The Tom Selleck (avocado, bacon, fried onion and mozz) among others.
  4. Twin Kegs
    Super simple, no frills cheeseburger but it's good! Probably because it's fried on an ancient grill and you're eating it in a seedy bar with a 50 year old woman wearing blue eyeshadow and sporting a cigarette dangling from her lips, tending bar.
  5. Dino's
    Advertised as "Nashville's Oldest Dive Bar." Cheeseburger and fries were excellent. Don't pass this place up on your burger tour!
  6. Fat Mo's
    I don't have a picture but their burgers are good and CHEAP. They're heavily seasoned with pepper, which turns some people off, but I like it. It doesn't matter what size burger you order, they're all at least 1/2 lb. Pass on the sides because they're pretty forgettable but go after 4:30 and get BOGO burgers that you probably won't want to share.