There may be a couple more minor ones I don't remember?
  1. My mom swerved to miss a dog and we hit a concrete wall. She swung out her arm to stop me from getting hurt and split my lip open in the process. My little brother was in the backseat and said, "cool! Let's do that again!"
    Got pretty bruised up but my little sister was in a beauty pageant that afternoon so we went to see that and THEN my mom drove us to the hospital.
  2. Over a 2 week span during my freshman/sophomore year of HS, my mom rear-ended several people but somehow didn't cause any damages.
  3. Older cousin let me drive out of the Walmart parking lot when I was 15 and I ended up in a ditch. I remember *NSYNC was playing and we switched seats really fast.
  4. I looked over at a cute guy coming out of a theater and rear-ended the car in front of me. Airbags deployed and busted out the windshield. Sister of older cousin listed above was with me. She was traumatized. I had to drive the car for a week or so with the damage before I could get it in the shop.
  5. A deer ran into the side of my Mustang while my ex-boyfriend was driving. I would've killed us both had I been driving.
  6. My sister rear-ended a car while I was riding passenger and pregnant with my 1st son.
  7. A car side-swiped my minivan in Arkansas. I don't remember the outcome of that one. Maybe they didn't have insurance? I don't think I ever got it fixed. The minivan was short-lived anyway. I'm now 33 with 2 kids and would like a 3rd soon and I fully grasp the importance of a minivan so I think I could go that route again with a clear conscience.
  8. Hit a deer getting on the interstate to go see a guy I shouldn't have been going to see. Still drove to his house even though my drivers door barely opened. I let a redneck friend know where the deer was so he could go pick it up.
  9. An older man gently rear-ended us at a stoplight when we were first moving to Nashville. No damage to either vehicle but he was distraught.
  10. A car crossed over a divided highway and hit us while my husband was driving and my 2 kids were in the back. I didn't see how it happened because my eyes were closed and after checking my kids, I jumped out of car, realized my leg was sore and went into complete shock.
    I thought the guy in the other car was dead because he'd hit his head and there was a lot of blood. My poor 10 year old still has nightmares about this accident. It was his first that he remembers and he saw me lying on the ground in shock and getting loaded into an ambulance and it was just a bad day all around, obviously.