I'm currently reading the Casteel series. I would've never started it if I'd known there were 5 books! I'm on the 4th now.
  1. Incest
    LOTS of incest! Father/daughter, Uncle/Niece, Half-brother/half-sister...and everyone acts like it's normal! And the spawn of these incestuous relations all come out described as beautiful, perfect, otherworldly beings. They aren't born with extra extremities or any other birth defects.
  2. Dysfunctional Families
    I haven't read any of her other books but I watched the Lifetime movie version of Flowers in the Attic so I should've known.
  3. Beauty
    As mentioned above, everyone is beautiful and handsome. The handful that aren't don't last long in the storyline. She didn't like writing about ugly people.
  4. Death
    There have been 8 deaths so far if I'm counting correctly. And 1 other was assumed dead for almost an entire book.
  5. Crying
    The main characters are forever crying and/or sobbing uncontrollably about something or another.
  6. Infidelity
    Everyone sleeps with everyone.
  7. Poor Editing
    See example: msot=most