Documentaries I Watched This Month- January 2017

  1. Asperger's Are Us
    A charming story about a comedy troupe comprised of 4 friends with Asperger's. It hit home more for me having a child on the spectrum and seeing these guys put themselves out there and do what they love regardless of what anyone else thinks. "When you've met one person with've met one person with autism."
  2. Amanda Knox
    I started watching this with little knowledge of the details surrounding the case. By halfway through I was convinced she did it and then by the end I was unsure again. I do think she has sociopathic tendencies though and the lead investigator was extremely crooked. It's a must watch.
  3. Kids For Cash
    This is doc about Judge Ciavarella from PA...he gave thousands of kids extremely harsh sentences for minor crimes. Bonus: you get to hear a choir sing 'Creep' at the end.
  4. Murder Of A Small Town
    James Patterson talks about poverty stricken towns in FL. There are interesting parts but too much focus on football being the only hope for the kids to make something of their lives.
  5. India's Daughter
    This was so hard to watch. Heartbreaking, shocking,'s about the brutal gang rape of a young woman in Delhi, India, getting ready to start her internship to become a doctor, just because she went to see a movie with a male friend and was out at 8:30 at night.
  6. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files
    This is interviews with the top detective and medical examiner on the Dahmer case and Jeffrey's befriended neighbor across the hall, plus a reenactment of his second murder. I learned a lot about the case I didn't previously know. It's definitely interesting if true crime documentaries fascinate you.