First (And Probably Last) Trip To The MN STATE FAIR

  1. Arrived around 11-ish. Paid $13 for parking.
  2. Walked into Gate 9 and immediately saw poutine! $6
    If you don't know, this is French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. I could move to Canada for this.
  3. Then I split an order of fried cheese curds with my oldest son. $7
  4. Next we went into the sheep barn and saw one row of sheep before I couldn't handle the heavy flow of people.
  5. Then we saw a few cows, pigs and horses in their respective barns. Still too many damn people!
  6. We went in to ride some rides. Went on the swings with my oldest son and the chains started creaking and he started crying. Good times.
  7. My husband and oldest son rode bumper cars.
  8. I got some sweet tea at Katie's! $6 Plus a $3 refill.
  9. We got some Sweet Martha's cookies! $16 +tax
  10. We walked over to the little kid ride section so my toddler could ride.
  11. We got a pronto pup! $4
  12. We took some fun pics.
  13. Lots of Prince stuff.
  14. My husband found the Libertarian Party booth.
  15. I got Spam sushi! $6
  16. We saw a Fair queen carved out of butter.
  17. No animals were being born in the Miracle of Birth barn. And again...too many people!
  18. We left and saw these weird cars.
  19. Toy-Oh-Tah on Facebook
  20. I NEED this Prince Troll!
  21. Trump Troll!
  22. It was fun but nerve wracking. The older I get, the worse I am in crowds.