1. OJ Simpson mugshot
    I had to see how closely it resembled the one of Cuba portraying him.
  2. Cross on forehead
    I've seen 2 people within the last month with a cross on their forehead that looked like they reached down into the dirt and swiped it on real quick. No definitive answers from that search.
  3. Harriet Lake elf and elf door Lake Harriet
    Found this gem while searching for reasons to move to Minneapolis...still undecided but this is a tempting reason.
  4. Lexapro reviews
    And Celexa, Prozac, and Zoloft reviews. I'm going back on medication after quitting Effexor 150 cold turkey in November and dealing with horrible brain zaps for a week so I'm trying to review a couple options that I haven't tried.
  5. Best anti-anxiety meds
    See above. The struggle is real.
  6. Ali PLL weight gain
    Yes, I watch PLL. Guilty pleasure. I think Sasha Pieterse is beautiful but I have noticed a weight gain the last couple seasons so I was curious if she/the show was hiding a pregnancy or something.
  7. Work at home jobs with health insurance
    The dream.
  8. Bobby Bones Show in Minneapolis
    Another deciding factor to potentially moving.
  9. Old lady meme
    A mountain lion (way beyond cougar age) was trying to pick up a married guy on the bus the other day. I was looking for the perfect meme to portray this story to my friends.
  10. Coming to take your man meme
    See above.
  11. KFC Minneapolis
    I have my priorities straight. No KFC? No move. I also searched for Captain D's. because I'm leaving hot chicken and hot fish behind if I leave Nashville.
  12. Clearing up eczema
    Finally going to the doctor today. Google hasn't helped clear the monster patch of eczema on my right shin that I've been dealing with on and off since 2011 and which continues to grow bigger each time it comes back.
  13. Tribal face tattoo
    I needed to show my husband what a patient I was dealing with looked like.
  14. Fastest way to a man's heart
    I was looking for this meme to post on Valentine's Day since I was working.
  15. Nashville Zoo elephants
    They're MIA when we visit and my toddler demands an explanation. Answer: they moved them to other locations until they can get a proper habitat built.
  16. McDonald's wedding
    It really happened.
  17. Snow cobra
    We were teasing a snake phobic coworker about a trauma coming in that had been bitten by snow cobra (because it was snowing that day) which doesn't exist and I was trying to find a picture.
  18. Kia Soul won't unlock with key or fob.
    That was a bad day. It turned out to be my battery. The freaking battery made it to where I couldn't even unlock my car with a key! My husband had to call off work so I could use his truck and I still got an "occurrence" (same as if I would've called off work but I thought they'd excuse it) because my ID badge was locked in my car. Livid does not describe the rage I was feeling that day.
  19. Is Suge Knight in jail?
    That's knowledge I always need to know. Yes, he is.
  20. Panda Express Minneapolis
    Still making sure that they have my essentials.
  21. Brandi Cyrus
    Miley's sister. She came into my husbands job and he sold to her. Everyone was star struck and he didn't know who she was.
  22. Toddler keeps blinking one eye
    I remember my first ever Google search regarding him: "why does my newborn son appear to have boobs?"
  23. Spanish for pelvic exam
    I had to translate this procedure to a patient so I googled it and showed her my phone.
  24. Shaved brows
    Just helping the bestie with her beauty questions.
  25. Minneapolis food trucks
    When I actually see all these food searches in one place to help me decide if I'm going to move, I realize I may have a problem. "Minneapolis Poutine" was right below this.
  26. 3 year old boy won't potty train
    Nope, he still won't a month later.
  27. Cookie I want
    I don't even know why I searched this. 🙈