1. I'm 30 weeks pregnant.
  2. We've decided to sell our 3 bedroom house so all the kids can have their own room.
  3. We have a contingent offer in on a 4 bedroom that says we must sell our house within 2 months.
  4. We're not in a crazy sellers market.
  5. It's been 1 week with an average of 1 showing a day and I've had to keep my house show ready at all times with 2 kids.
  6. Reminder: I'm also 30 weeks pregnant.
  7. Best case scenario is I'm 36 weeks pregnant at closing.
  8. Worst case scenario is my water breaks at the closing.
  9. Oh yeah... It's also over 100 degrees every day where I live.
  10. UPDATE 🚨
  11. As of 8/16, we are under contract with a tentative closing date of 9/15 and a tentative induction date of 9/21 for me. 😳