Inspired by @marymurphy ...upon further review, I think these lists are related to the college care package exchange, and I'm definitely not in college but I'll just leave this up in case we do the secret Santa again this year or whatever.
  1. A book
    I read constantly. I've been averaging 10 a month lately. I would love to read your favorite book or a book you think everyone should read.
    A new collection I'm starting. I don't care if it's fancy or just from your local library.
  3. A DVD/Bluray
    I collect movies, most of which I haven't watched, but if you send me one, I'll watch it the same day I get it.
  4. Something from your city/hometown
    Bonus points if it's a round trip plane ticket to said city. 😉
  5. A handwritten letter
  6. Your favorite recipe
  7. If you're crafty, I'd love something handmade!
  8. Anything with a funny, snarky saying on it
    Magnet, coffee mug, picture, whatever
  9. Something really random from your favorite local thrift store
    The weirder, the better!