As requested by @heatherv
  1. Thou shall not wear flesh colored leggings.
    Exhibit A
  2. Exhibit B
  3. Exhibit C
  4. Exhibit D
  5. Thou shall not wear sheer leggings unless you're wearing a dress.
    This is ok...
  6. This is NOT ok!
  7. This is DEFINITELY not ok!
  8. No!
  9. Thou shall not wear leggings with shirts that don't cover your ass.
  10. No!
  11. Absolutely not!
    And camel toes are why!
  12. Yes!
  13. Definitely
  14. Absolutely!
  15. Doesn't this look classy?
  16. Thou shall not body shame people in leggings.
    You don't have to be a size 0 to wear leggings!
  17. She looks awesome!
  18. Beautiful!
  19. Fabulous!
  20. No matter the voluptuousness of your ass, thou shall not show it off under any circumstances...
    Because this is reality!
  21. Review time...
  22. No. Never ever.
  23. This is actually terrifying.
  24. How did you even make it this far in life?
  25. 💯