As requested by @heatherv
  1. Thou shall not wear flesh colored leggings.
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    Exhibit A
  2. Exhibit B
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  3. Exhibit C
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  4. Exhibit D
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  5. Thou shall not wear sheer leggings unless you're wearing a dress.
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    This is ok...
  6. This is NOT ok!
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  7. This is DEFINITELY not ok!
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  8. No!
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  9. Thou shall not wear leggings with shirts that don't cover your ass.
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  10. No!
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  11. Absolutely not!
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    And camel toes are why!
  12. Yes!
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  13. Definitely
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  14. Absolutely!
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  15. Doesn't this look classy?
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  16. Thou shall not body shame people in leggings.
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    You don't have to be a size 0 to wear leggings!
  17. She looks awesome!
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  18. Beautiful!
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  19. Fabulous!
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  20. No matter the voluptuousness of your ass, thou shall not show it off under any circumstances...
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    Because this is reality!
  21. Review time...
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  22. No. Never ever.
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  23. This is actually terrifying.
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  24. How did you even make it this far in life?
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  25. 💯
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