I just posted a list this morning but so many more reasons I'm like this have come to mind since then.
  1. Because my mom told me she didn't like kids when I was in like 4th or 5th grade and asked to invite a friend over for a sleepover.
  2. Because my mom always thought our Halloween candy would have razor blades in it.
  3. Because I didn't eat a vegetable other than potatoes, corn, or green beans until I met my husband. I grew up on 6 course soul food dinners or TV dinners. No in between.
  4. Because my mom put sweet tea in my bottle as a toddler.
  5. Because my dad married someone old enough to be my grandma and she's never liked me or my siblings so any chance at a normal relationship with my dad is shot.
  6. Because it takes a LOT of energy for me to convince myself to leave the house.
  7. Because I'm addicted to thrift stores to add to my movie and book collections.
  8. Because I was allowed to start wearing makeup around age 10 and still can't leave the house without it 23 years later.
  9. Because I hate my wedding photos.
  10. Because I tried to make friends in high school by letting junior and senior girls read my *NSYNC/BSB fan fiction stories.
  11. Because I can't count how many different houses I've lived in during my lifetime.
  12. Because my junior high didn't do the Washington D.C. 8th grade trip but the school district we moved to did for my sister. She didn't appreciate the trip like I would have.
  13. Because I've never flown in an airplane in 33 years.
  14. Because when I called my dad on Father's Day this year he apologized for not calling me on Mother's Day and said "I always forget you're a mom." I've been a mom for 10.5 years now.
  15. Because my college advisor convinced me I could be a CSI right away with a Criminal Justice degree. 30 something grand later, I'm a stay at home mom who solves goldfish murders at my peak.